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Chronicle I: The Heartbreak Cure and Dog Poo

Today was a bad day. My heart is broken and I stepped in dog poo. Out of all days to step in dog poo, why did I have to step in it today? Why couldn’t I step in dog poo … Continue reading

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Chronicle I: Drunken Venting

Okay. I’m slightly obliterated right now, so I apologize if this post is merely one of drunken, whiny, venting. Tonight I sat in my backyard with my best friend, drank a few glasses of Moscato, and talked about things like … Continue reading

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Chronicle I: All the Women Who Independent, Throw Your Hands Up at Me

When did it become O.K. for women to become the towel that men use to wipe the sweat off of their foreheads after a long, hard night of partying? Someone asked me to see a movie tonight. A really good looking someone. … Continue reading

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